Praise Report - Friday

Occasionally at First Refuge we have clients come in who just want to have their blood pressure checked, and this past Friday was one of those days. A woman came in because she'd been referred by a family member and wanted to have her blood pressure checked. 

After her appointment, she was asked if anyone had ever taken a bible and shown her how she can know with certainty whether or not she'll go to heaven when she dies. 

She said, no one had every shared that with her before. 

After reading a few passages she was ready to give her life to Christ and ask Him to be her Lord. 

She talked to Jesus for the first time that day. 

Praise the Lord for the way He draws people to Himself. If no one has ever showed you in Scripture how you can have personal relationship with Jesus and then spend eternity with Him in heaven, please contact First Refuge. It would be our joy to share that with you!