October Letter from the Executive Director

Wow!  What a fantastic Gala. ALL Glory goes to the Lord Jesus Christ! I want to thank all the hard working volunteers, staff, spouses, kids and the list goes on and on. God was so good to us on Gala Night. We received several positive feedback comments and know without a doubt, God was in control! Edith Falk, Chairman of Campbell & Co., a Chicago Fundraising consultant, said Galas are “the most expensive forms of fundraising” and if “you add up the cost of staff and volunteer time, you probably haven’t netted as much as you could.” That being said, the Gala did so much more. Here were our goals going into the Gala:

1.       Glorify God by sharing the gospel and His work at First Refuge
2.       Introduce First Refuge to Denton and plant seeds for future donors
3.       Make sure we cover costs
4.       Raise working capital

I will tell you that we met all these goals. Keep in mind that we met a crossroad in July when we had only one table sold. Yet, the Board voted to press on. Now, with a full time Executive Director, just four short weeks before the Gala, we hit 97% attendance (210/216)!  So keep in mind, all the numbers come from 210 people. God truly worked a David and Goliath Story to accomplish this in such a short period of time. We learned much from this Gala and rest assured that next year…we are going to knock it out of the park! We have already started planning next year's Gala. Please continue to pray for me and First Refuge as God continues to allow us to participate with Him in the awesome work He is doing at First Refuge. 

Paul Juarez