Meet the New Director of Counseling

On April 1st Catherine Richardson joined the staff of First Refuge Ministries as Director of Counseling. Catherine is ecstatic to join the First Refuge team!  She began her journey in the great city of Houston, TX and came to know the Lord at the age of 10. Even as a child, Catherine has always had a passion for helping others, particularly children. Throughout her youth she began a child care ministry, served the elderly through food delivery and participated in various performing arts ministries. After graduating from high school, Catherine left Houston to pursue her undergraduate degree at the University of North Texas and soon after received her Bachelor of Science in Education.
After a bout in the education system and various positions in the non-profit world, she realized the Lord was calling her to a career in counseling. She looked for a counseling program where she could combine her passion for helping others as well as her passion for Christ and decided on attending Dallas Theological Seminary. After three long years of education, she graduated with her Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling. She is currently licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor.
In counseling, Catherine believes that clients receive the opportunity to get unbiased and objective feedback to issues they struggle with in a structured and safe environment.  Through the work that the client and therapist do together, clients are able to receive clarity and healing on a myriad of issues which allows them to live a life where they are equipped with the tools they need to be successful and productive.
During her free time, Catherine spends most her time entertaining in her home, traveling with her family, socializing with friends, volunteering and attending cultural events with her husband Michael. We feel very blessed to have her here to assist clients and give them sound Biblical advise.