June Letter from the Executive Director

As I close the book on June and reflect on the past six months I have sat in the chair of Interim Executive Director, so many things have transpired--God has sent blessings flowing down from heaven, and saints have demonstrated their love for Kingdom work. I want to say thank you for allowing me this opportunity to work with First Refuge Ministries. I thought I would be here for a couple of months and as I look back the time has flown by.

I have seen so many miracles happen that have changed my heart: companies giving of their resources to enable FRM to reach people for Christ, saints who love the Lord sacrifice of their resources to enable this ministry to reach those in need in North Denton County, and doctors, dentists, medical professionals, and lay people, all volunteering their time, money, and talents to care for God’s children who otherwise would not receive medical care.

The Board of Directors are involved in the direction of this ministry. They have worked to raise money, spent time on special projects, prayed over the ministry, and given of their own resources to keep FRM going. This is the most active board I have ever served with and it is an honor.    case you are not sure who serves on the Board of Directors at First Refuge Ministries here are the names:

  • President:  Dr. Bruce Amason
  • Vice President:  Jamie Covey
  • Treasures:  Ray Silva-Reyes
  • Secretary:  Vanessa Lynch
  • Kay King
  • Kathy Knight
  • Carol Chance
  • Doug Giles
  • Dr. Clay Pickering

Our employees also work tirelessly to continue the work of First Refuge in the community:

  • Medical Coordinator: Brenda Eckel
  • Medical Director:  Bruce Eckel M.D.
  • Program Coordinator: Jodi Massey
  • Counseling Coordinator: Catherine Richardson
  • Graphic Designer: Megan Chadwick
  • Dental Clinic Coordinator:  Ben Tulaneous

And of course, our many, many volunteers. We have a total of over 200 volunteers that have come out to support this ministry on special projects and over 50 on a regular basis. Thank you so much, we love you all!

Thank you Board, my new friends, for inspiring me to be better, do more, and put my feelings into actions to change the world in the name of Jesus Christ. If you support First Refuge Ministries please pray for our Board of Directors and employees. Our desire is to be the hands of Christ reaching the world for His name.

Vanessa Lynch
Executive Director