July Letter from Executive Director: Goodbye from Vanessa

Dear First Refuge Ministries Volunteers and Supporters:

I want to contact each of you to say thank you for everything you do to serve Denton residents as the hands of Jesus Christ. I have never worked with a group of people that stole my heart so quickly and became a part of my eternal family. Thank you for accepting me as Interim Executive Director and allowing me to work beside you to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My brother, Richard Griffith, became very ill two months ago. His kidney’s failed and he needs open heart surgery.  He has been in the hospital followed by rehab for two months. His wife passed away four years ago and so he is leaning heavily on my husband and I. I truly feel this is what God wants me to do at this moment. It was with great sadness and heart felt pain that I asked the Board to begin seeking a permanent Executive Director. Sometimes God ask us to do things, like resign, that our heart does not want to do, but to ignore His sovereignty over my life would lead me and this ministry out of His perfect will.

I do not have words to describe what pleasure and blessings I have found being part of this ministry. Our God is the supplier of blessings and joy and I see it on the faces of each volunteer.  We are blessed, my friends, beyond words to be allowed to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to those in need.

Our new director will assume the position of Executive Director on August 31, 2015. His name is Paul Juarez; I know each of you will give him the same love and support you have given me. He is a lucky man to come into a Christian family with so many talents. I am very impressed with what a godly man Paul is and his desire to serve Jesus! He and his wife Barbie are members of First Baptist Denton and live in the city. Paul was born and raised in Denton. He has a daughter named Tori who is 16 and a son named Drew who is 8. Paul comes to us from Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center where he has been on staff for almost 3 years. Both Paul and his wife serve as BSF Leaders.

May the grace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ bless your lives with His love and guidance everyday of your life!