First Refuge Sanger Banquet

First Refuge is expanding its services to Sanger, in an effort to bring hope and healing to the members of the community that need it most. Please join us in an effort to raise support, as we host an evening of fellowship, laughter, and vision casting with our guest speaker Dennis Swanberg

First Baptist Church Sanger, Tx - 6:30pm - 9:00pm - June 28th.

Tickets are $35 each.

Dennis Cut Out.png

With his down-home charm and heaping helping of hospitality, this Austin, Texas born pastor-turned-comedian has won the hearts of audiences across the country. Raised in what he calls a “mostly blue-collar, but sometimes ring-around-the collar” family during the fifties, that old black and white television in the corner of the living room became an important part of making Swanberg the success he is today. “Most moms yell at kids to go outside and play, he remembers with a laugh, “My mom would say, ‘you sit there and watch that television - your daddy worked so hard for it!’” her “encouragement’s” paid off. One of the first voices the future impersonator nailed as a child was his television hero, Barney Fife, from “The Andy Griffith Show.”

Today Swanberg takes Barney Fife and over twenty other lovable impersonations, together with his side-splitting stories of growing up, families, and the funny side of church, to over 250,000 people every year. His audiences range from churches looking for fresh and new inspiration, to marriage enrichment seminars, city-wide concerts, business related events and corporate gatherings. Dennis Swanberg doesn’t care who he’s talking to, as long as he can leave knowing he made someone’s day a little brighter. His national broadcast television shows, “Swan’s Place” and “The Dennis Swanberg Show”, are described by the networks as “an hour of good, clean fun and entertainment as well as spiritual insight and encouragement” and are viewed by over one million households weekly. But even though this good ole’ boy’s legion of fans is growing daily, “The Swan” - as he is affectionately called - still loves the one on one of meeting people.

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Our goal is to share the Gospel and offer lasting hope and healing through the love of Jesus Christ.